Home Protection Ritual Kit

What you will need:

(included in the kit)

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  • A bowl for water 
  • herbs associated with protections such as: bay leaves, mugwort, black pepper, juniper, garlic, lemon slice, rosemary. Use a few to increase potency. 
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 Brown candle
  • Palo santo

(Not Included)

  • Home cleaning supplies 
  • Water. you can use distilled water, we suggest charging your water in the sun before starting. You can also use rose of Jerico water for added protection. 
  • Black Obsidian (optional for extra protection)



Bay Leaves for manifestation

Mugwort for spiritual protection 

Black Pepper for energetic protection 

juniper to dispels negative energies and entities. 

Garlic for warding off any new negative energies 

Lemon to strengthen your ritual 

Rosemary for blessings of protection over all aspects of your life 



If you wish to use your kit more then once you can opt to cut your lemon slice and bay leaves into quarters or simply reuse them. 

Start by physically tidying. Then clean your home. This may include dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Smudge your home with palo santo once you have finished cleaning. 

 Place your bowl on your altar or on a table. If possible, stand the candle in the bowl, if not sit it next to the bowl. We suggest melting the candle into the bowl before adding water; do this by using a lighter to melt the bottom of the candle and sticking it down into the bottom of the bowl with light pressure. The candle will stick in the bowl for multiple uses and when you are ready to remove just use your thumb and apply pressure to the wax stump until it releases. You can also opt to melt the wax out of the bowl. 

Light the candle and place the herbs and salt in the bowl of water to infuse. A teaspoon of herbs in total will be fine, you want the potion to be pale or clear. Take the bay leaves and write the word “Protect” on one and draw the Algiz rune on the other. Place the bay leaves and lemon slice in the water.

Visualize the protective energies from the herbs being soaked in by the water. When you feel the water has absorbed the herbal energies.  

Blow out the candle.

Take the bowl of protective water around your house, dipping your fingers in to draw your protective symbols of choice on window, doors, and any passage ways.  With each space repeat the incantation:  

“Bless this house, may peace dwell within. Protect all that enter here. Bless every door, window, ceiling and wall, bless each room, closet, basement, Bless the roof and ground surrounding with your protective love and light.”

Empty the rest of the water outside your front door or spray as a mist in your home. Your house is now cleansed and protected. 

We recommend doing this ritual every 3-6 months to always keep your home protected.


Bonus recipe:

Herbal home cleanser recipe


  • 2 cups of white vinegar
  • 1 cup of dry lavender buds
  • pell from 2 lemons

Place lavender and lemon peel in a glass jar and cover with vinegar. Put the lid on and shake. To help prevent rust put parchment paper over the jar before attaching lid.  Shake your jar regularly and store in a dark place for 1 month before using. To use as a spray dilute the mixture with 1 part cleaner 2 parts water. 

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