Moon Rituals

Moon Rituals

NEW MOON - New Beginnings, Unlimited Possibilities, Intention, Planting Seeds

The beginning of a new cycle. This is an ideal time to cleanse your altar, your tools, and your space. This is a time of renewal and a chance to start again or reorganize. Also a great time to reflect on ourselves and our craft in the previous cycle. 

Rituals to practice in the new moon:

Healing, peace, manifestation. A great time to meditate on your intentions for this upcoming cycle. 

New moon affirmation:

”I see my goals clearly and I feel the joy as if it has already manifested.”


WAXING CRESCENT - Surrender, Refection, Intuition, Composting 

A time for attraction, abundance, and positivity. This time is about drawing towards yourself and long term goals and success. Focus on anything you want to grow or build at this time.

Rituals to practice in the waxing crescent moon: 

Great time to make moon water or recharge your moon water. Perform spells for long-term success, money, business growth and career goals. Perform spells for attracting love or anything you want to grow in your garden. 

Waxing crescent affirmation:

”I create a plan of action to draw my goals to me.”


FIRST QUARTER  - Fresh Energy, Declaration, Details, Sprouting 

A time for growth and creativity. Place more focus on developing your intuition or recharging your intuition. 

Rituals to practice in the first quarter moon: 

Healing and spiritual growth spells. Perform self-care rituals to rejuvenate your energy. If you are trying to grow your family this is a great time for fertility work.

First quarter affirmation:

”I move towards my goals with courage and creativity.”


WAXING GIBBOUS  - Patience, Gestation, Nurture Your Life, Self Care

A time to pause and reflect on the power of the universe. This is also a great time for self-reflection and to meditate on your craft.

Rituals to practice inn the waxing gibbous moon:

Any work that focuses on your strength and courage. Rituals for building wisdom. This is a great time for meditation and reflection. 

Waxing gibbous affirmation:

”My power is perfectly aligned with the universe.” 


FULL MOON - Peak Energy, Blessings, Celebration, Blossoming 

Build your magic and release negativity. A great time to mend relationships. During the full moon we have increased levels of communication with the spiritual realm and this gives greater energy to any spells or rituals performed during this phase. 

Rituals to practice during the full moon:

Spells to strengthen relationships. A great time for rituals for protection and enlightenment. Use the enhanced energy of this moon phase for protection, manifesting, and banishing negativity. We can also practice healing and meditation during this time.

Full moon affirmation:

”Now is the time I am unstoppable.”


WANING GIBBOUS  - Release and Receive, Service, Nurture Others, Harvest 

A great time to cleanse yourself. Abolish negative energy from your life and release anything holing you back. Time to banish bad energy from your space.

Rituals to practice during the waning gibbous moon:

A great time to quit bad habits and rituals that expel negativity from your life cleanse your space through rituals and reorganization.

Waning gibbous affirmation:

“I celebrate all I have accomplished.”


LAST QUARTER - Breakdown, Readjustment, Transition, Decomposition 

A time to rest and regroup. A time to purge bad relationships from your life. Banish any energy connection that is not positive for you. 

Ritual to practice in the third quarter moon:

Any rituals that focus on healing or renewing your energy. Any practices to cleanse your space and renew its energy. This is a great time to perform a spiritual bath and wash away negativity. 

Last quarter affirmation:

”Every day I get wiser and I make positive changes in my life.”


WANING CRESCENT - Surrender, Refection, Intuition, Composting

The end of the moon cycle is about peace and wisdom. Do not start any new projects at this time reflect on the successes of this past cycle.

Rituals to practice in the waning crescent moon:

practices for inner peace and meditation for wisdom, growth, and gratitude. 

Waning crescent affirmation:

”I let go of the past and understand mistakes are opportunities for growth.”




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