Moon Water Magic

Moon Water Magic

Moon Water

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What is it?

Moon Water is a type of sacred, consecrated water that has been energetically infused with the light of the moon. It can be used to cleanse or bless sacred objects. Traditionally created during a full moon, you can create moon water any phase in order to capture the essence of that particular lunar energy. You may wish to charge water under a waning moon for banishing work, or a new moon for attracting abundant energy. The full moon, however, is often regarded as the most magically potent phase.


How to make it:

Choose a glass jar or bottle with a lid. Wash your vessel of choice. Then cleanse your vessel with methods such as recaning (sometimes referred to as smoke cleansing). 

Fill the container with the water to be charged. You may use tap water for this, although using collected rain water or fresh water from a spring can add additional magical energy to your moon water.

Place the container where it will receive moonlight from your chosen moon phase either outside or on a windowsill. Outside is preferred if you have the option, but by a widow will be sufficient. 

Once the water has been sufficiently charged with the lunar energy, store the vessel in a cool dark place. Be sure to collect your moon water before daylight to keep its essence purely lunar. 



Too cloudy to see the moon? You can still make moon water on a cloudy night as clouds are opaque; lunar light is able to penetrate through the loudspeaker, even if you can’t see it. 

You can make full moon water the day before and after the full moon; the phase spans a 3 day period.

Place a quartz crystal near your moon water as you charge it, to amplify the lunar energy. 


Uses of Moon Water:

  • Make a cleansing spray
  • Anointing tools
  • diffuse in essential oils
  • Add to baths
  • Use in a floor wash
  • Draw sigils on the wall
  • Watering plants
  • In tea (drinking water only)
  • Cleanse your mirror 
  • Etc.


Moon Phase Meaning 

New Moon: New Beginnings.

It’s time for a clean slate. Start new projects, gather your thoughts, create plans.

Waxing Crescent Moon: Set your Intentions.

Send out your hopes and desires. This is a good time to start law of attraction magic.

First Quarter Moon: Take Action.

Now is the time to take action and push forward.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: Refine and Hone.

This is a time to reexamine the intentions you’ve set realign them with the universe. This is also when you want to work to bring in money and prosperity.

Full Moon: Harvest.

This is the time to recap the rewards of previous cycles or previous months. This is also the time to do charging spells, and to enhance your psychic energy.

Waning Gibbous Moon: Introspection.

It’s also the right time to expel negative energy and banish curses. Start a gratitude practice.

Third Quarter Moon: Release and Let Go.

Release and let go of bad habits. Clear out junk and focus on self care spells. 

Waning Crescent: Surrender.

The time for cleansing. Cleanse the house with holy water or sage. Recuperate and rest. Feel and enjoy the coming emptiness.


Vessel Color

You can choose the color of the vessel corresponding to your wishes or purpose.


Lucid, focused, clear, elemental gas, magic moon, heal.

White opaque:

Moon energy, storm magic, protect, heal.


Love, relationship, friendship.


Passion, elemental fire, love, love magic.

Amber (orange, light yellow):

Magic animals, elemental earth, protection.


Faerie magic, prosperity, wealth, health, and healing.

Blue (sea, sky):

Water magic, mermaid magic, heal, psychic power boost, divination, tranquility, blue moon magic.


Spirtual element, magic, increase self-strength, protect.


Enhancing your Moon Water

You can enhance your moon water by adding magical elements inside, on, or around your vessel. Some examples are;

  • Herbs
  • Essential Oils
  • Salt
  • Crystals
  • Flowers
  • Symbols 
  • Sigils
  • Runes
  • Infused Oils
  • Other Magical Waters ( Florida water, Rainwater, Sun water, Snow water, Rose water, etc.) 

Be aware of how you plan to use your moon water. Do not add moon water that contains salt to your plants, teas, or drinking water.

If you added crystals, it might not be safe for consumption. Do your research before adding any crystals to water! Some crystals (Selenite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Calcite, or Labradorite) can dissolve or be damaged by water.

You can also consider surrounding the outside of your vessel with crystals or herbs.

You can also choose to paint the vessel with Sigils, Runes, or Sacred symbols to enhance your intentions. 

Moon Water Chant

Blessed moon
Our guiding light
Please shine down on us tonight
Charge this water with vitality and wealth
and endow your blessings
of love and health
this I accept
so mote it be
thank you, thank you, thank you
Blessed be!




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