Pendulum Basics

Pendulum Basics

PENDULUMS - and how to use them

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a weighted object attached to a string or chain that is long enough for you to hold and sway the weighted object. 


Programming your Pendulum 

Before you can use your pendulum, you need to “program” it so you understand what it tells you. 

One way to program is to hold your pendulum and ask it to show you “yes” and “no”. Record which way it sways for each answer.

Another way is to tell your pendulum what “yes” and “no” is. This is best for beginners. Most often, When a pendulum swings u and down it means “yes”, side to side is “no”, and swinging in a circle is a maybe. 

Resting state for each pendulum will be different. Sometimes a pendulum will swing around gently while waiting for your question, others will stay centered and still.

Be sure to test your pendulum after programming! Ask it basic yes or no questions to make sure that it is accurate and cooperative before trying to do legit readings with it.


Bond with your pendulum 

Like most magic tools, a pendulum that’s bonded to you will be more effective. Carry your pendulum with you, cleanse and charge it regularly, and sleep with it close to you. Making your own pendulum is also a great way to personally connect with your pendulum. 


Pendulum board 

Pendulum boards are a great way for beginners to visualize and understand their pendulums answers. You can make your own or buy pre-made boards. Traditionally, a board will have a place for “yes”, “no”, and “maybe”. More complex boards can have numbers, the alphabet, symbols, days, months - the options are endless. Complex boards are used for more specific questions. 


How to Use

1. Use a pre-made pendulum or make one with a string.

2. Hang the pendulum over the pendulum charts and ask a yes or no question.

3. Close your eyes for a moment and concentrate on the question.

4. Open your eyes and see which way the pendulum swings to get your answer. 


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