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Cedar & Cinnamon - Herbal Burn Wand

Cedar & Cinnamon - Herbal Burn Wand

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Cedar is known for being one of the four sacred plants used in the Indigenous American medicine wheel. Since cedar is believed to be a tree of protection, healing, wealth, and purification. it is commonly used in ceremonies for protection, renewal, and grounding. Cedar naturally burns much slower than other smudge sticks and is ideal for full smudge rituals. When burning cedar smudge sticks, the smoke will heighten positive energies, remove negativity, and stagnant energy, and enhance the connection to good spirits. 

Cinnamon promotes love, prosperity, strength, success, and luck.

This beautiful cedar bundle comes hand-wrapped with one cinnamon stick. It measures about 4" long and is good for 2-4 uses. Perfect for meditation, smoke cleansing, and relaxation! Always burn your sage in a well-ventilated area, and allow smoke to exit through a window or door.

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