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Alternative Imagination

Colored Chime Candles

Colored Chime Candles

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Spell Candles, also known as Chime Candles, are used for spiritual prayer, spellwork, mood lighting, or decor. The color of the candle can represent many things such as a feeling, state of being, intent, and hope. Each pack contains 20 candles. Approximate candle dimensions: 4 inches tall 0.45 inch diameter Here are some meanings of each color: Red - Fire, Passion, Survival, Lust, Action, Health, Strength, Defense Orange - Creativity, Ambition, Opportunity, Celebration, Energy, Attract Object Yellow - The Sun, Air, Confidence, Intelligence, Memory, Masculinity, Positivity Green - Luck, Wealth, Growth, Earth, Success, Jealousy Blue - Protection, Focus, Fortune, Water, Truth, Calm Purple - Spiritual Enhancement, Third Eye, Break Bad Habits Pink - Love, Friendship, Heart, Maturity, Femininity, Nurturing, Relaxation Brown - Earth, Stability, House Blessing, Animals, Clear thinking Black - Protection, Banish Negativity White - Cleansing, Puri...

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