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Crystal Grid Set - Love Mini Collection

Crystal Grid Set - Love Mini Collection

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Listing is for ONE (1) Crystal Grid Set - Love Mini Collection Manifest your desires with mindfulness and intention. Use the power of sacred geometry and crystals. This Collections is specially createdwith "LOVE" in mind. Possibly healing a broken heart or finding new love, or recovery from a loss or renewing love of self! Kit Contains: * Wooden "Metatron's Cube"  * Tumbled stones: Rose Quartz,Crystal Quartz, Amethyst and Amazonite * Detailed Instruction Card * Pillow Envelope holds everything and is re-useable. Kit measures approx.: 6" x 4.25"  These are perfect for your home or meditation space, or even gifting to someone! Grab yours while you can, sure to go quick. Thank you for looking, have an amazing day!

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