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Eucalyptus & Baby-Breath - Herbal Burn Wand

Eucalyptus & Baby-Breath - Herbal Burn Wand

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Eucalyptus smudge sticks are traditionally used for protection, Spiritual cleansing, and healing. Eucalyptus has a natural ability to dispel negative energies from its immediate environment. making it an extremely powerful cleansing tool (especially when used before rituals or to cleanse altars). with its smoke, it works to renew, purify and heal while alleviating mental exhaustion. Eucalyptus is also known to help reduce symptoms of congestion and relating tension.

White Baby’s Breath flowers are a beautiful burst of cleansing energy. Associated with all that is good and wholesome, White Baby’s Breath flowers capture the essence of innocence and purity.  In their innocence and purity, they can protect the home from negative vibes that might threaten the peace of your abode. 

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