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Yerba Santa & Palo Santo - Herbal Burn Wand

Yerba Santa & Palo Santo - Herbal Burn Wand

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Yerba Santa, also known as the "holy herb", is traditionally used for beauty and empowerment, purification, growth, and releasing emotional pain. When burned, it gives off a present and uplifting scent that protects and purifies both yourself and your environment. its smoke not only cleans energy, but it helps to set boundaries and encourage emotional healing. 

Palo santo, or "holy wood", has been used for thousands of years as an energy cleanser. due to its natural high resin content, it is known for purifying both people and space of negative energies when burned. It has a woody scent with remnants of lemon, pine, and mint. to cleanse a extinguish the flame and gently waft the smoke in the air using your hand or a feather. this ritual will not only remove negativity but also help to attract good fortune.


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