Our Story


Thank you so much for taking the time to support my small business. My name is Samantha, Founder of Quartz Botanica. Quartz Botanica was established in 2021 when I realized I wanted to make a change. You see, for a long time I was a freelance artist working miscellaneous jobs and selling my art on Etsy. After my youngest son was born (2019) I struggled with postpartum depression and many other mental health conditions. I started to get Physical symptoms and later got diagnosed with pcos. I was told I may need to be medicated for most of my life, Yeah Okay! Desperate for answers and a fix all cure I turned to holistic approaches to my problems. Very quickly my mindset shifted. I was on to something! You could say I’ve always kind of believed in the metaphysical, growing up I was the hippie girl picking up rocks and talking to the trees. But after I started to look within and reflect on my lifestyle it all started to make sense. With each day I learned something new and my passion grew deeper. Since then I have been able to heal most of my symptoms and really make a change in my life. And following the path of Holistic & Energy medicine has given me the tools to do that. Don’t get me wrong it still takes a lot of work each day but I started Quartz Botanica with the intentions of helping others who may be like I was, unsure of what to do next. So I hope that this message finds you well, and may you find the tools and resources you need to start your journey with me.

What we do

Quartz Botanica was Started with the mission to help and educate others. We specialize in holistic & energy healing. Taking a deep focus on mental health, working to provide you with resources to meet your goals. Our boutique is filled with hand picked products chosen by our team to help you along your journey.


We donate a portion of proceeds monthly to ActiveMinds.org to help support mental health Awareness in youth. We also offset emissions and plant one tree for every order placed. We care deeply about our community and Mother Earth. Join us for our weekly FREE Yoga for Everyone Class on social media!

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