Hey there! My name is Samantha! Founder of Quartz Botanica LLC. Our story starts like a lot of other new small businesses, during a global pandemic! I’ve been a local freelance artist for years now but back in 2020 I was diagnosed with mental health issues followed by Pcos and a few other things. I was told I was going to be on medication most of my life. And while I 100% support westernized medicine I was not ready to give my life away to side effects. Thus sparking my interest in holistic health. Fast forward two years, countless medications, therapies, & shadow work, here we are. As I am writing this I am 2 months unmedicated and thriving! I still have those moments where medication could truly help but I have learned enough through my studies to naturally treat my symptoms. Quartz Botanica was created in hopes of helping educate people and create a community of people who can relate. We are a handmade spiritual wellness boutique, but we are so much more!


Quartz Botanica was Started with the mission to help and educate others.


We donate a portion of proceeds monthly to ActiveMinds.org to help support mental health Awareness in youth. We also offset emissions and plant one tree for every order placed. We care deeply about our community and Mother Earth.