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Quartz Botanica

Cleansing Bundle

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Palo santo, or "holy wood", has been used for thousands of years as an energy cleanser. due to its natural high resin content, it is known for purifying both people and space of negative energies when burned. It has a woody scent with remnants of lemon, pine, and mint. to cleanse a extinguish the flame and gently waft the smoke in the air using your hand or a feather. this ritual will not only remove negativity but also help to attract good fortune.

Selenite is a powerful stone with a fine vibration. It purifies the aura and protects one from negative influences. It assists spiritual insight and aids one in seeing the deeper picture. It can be used to form a strong protective grid around a home or office space.

White matches represent the Higher self, purity, and peace.

This starter smoke cleansing kit has everything you need to cleanse your space. Simply use the matches to light your Palo Santo stick to clear any energy blocks and promote a calm space. Lastly, place your Selenite wand around your home to bring light and clarity to the space. Always burn your Palo Santo in a well-ventilated area and allow smoke to exit the space through an open window or door. 


Included in this smudge kit are (1) Palo Santo (4” long), (1) Selenite Wand (4” long), and (1) Glass Jar with 15 matches.