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Himalayan Salt Hanging

Himalayan Salt Hanging

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Hand Woven pendant highlights the original and natural color of Himalayan salt and the special shape of each style; The style is simple and subtle; The rope can be wound a few more times to achieve comfortable size requirements.

Pink Himalayan Salt promotes general cleansing and purification. It is known for its ability to ionize the air, thus improving overall health and well-being. For centuries, it has been used for protection from evil and negativity, especially when placed in the home.

Uses: hang this Himalayan salt charm in a place where you could use some cleansing such as an office or bedroom. Use this as a palm stone during meditations. Place this in your car for protection.

Care: Don't Allow your salt hanger to be exposed to excessive moisture. Spot clean. Remove salt from the hanger before washing.

Approx. 12 inches long. Salt 1-2 inch diameter. 
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