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Juniper & Orange - Herbal Burn Wand

Juniper & Orange - Herbal Burn Wand

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Juniper is known for being a good luck charm and its ability to attract abundance and prosperity. It has a masculine, protective energy that, when burned, helps to cleanse spaces of any negative, unwanted energies. Once the unwanted energy is removed. Juniper helps to center and detox the environment allowing for positive, healing energy to flow freely. The smoke from Juniper works by attaching to negative and allows it to dispel and transform into universal energy. 

Orange represents joy, creativity, health, prosperity, good fortune, and career success.

This gorgeous juniper bundle is hand-wrapped with a dried orange slice. Measures about 4" long and is good for 2-4 uses. The mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of a juniper sage and orange smoke cleanse are endless. This beautiful sage alternative can be used to cleanse and clear negative energies Overall perfect for meditation, relaxation, and calming spaces. Always burn your Bundle in a well-ventilated space and allow smoke to exit the space through a window or door.

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