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Mugwort & bay leaves Herbal Burn Wand

Mugwort & bay leaves Herbal Burn Wand

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Clears psychic energy - prophetic dreams - prosperity


Mugwort, also commonly know as “dream weed” is a sacred herb that brings clarity and helps to develop psychic abilities. When burned, it has a subtle, sweet scent that can help stimulate dreams. The smoke from mugwort smudge opens up the third eye and will allow you to ease into deeper meditative or trance state. Mugwort is a powerful herb that cleanses the atmosphere of your space - offering spiritual protection. So when you’re in need of something super-heavy-duty, beyond normal white sage smudging, mugwort is perfect.


Bay leaf is know for being a powerful universal herb. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as deep purification, exorcism, banishing entities, psychic connection, manifestation, and granting wishes. When burned, the bay leaf releases essential oils that acts as a natural mood booster. It is especially helpful for warding off draining, negative emotions and welcoming in new and uplifting beginnings.

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