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Sodalite Round Bead Bracelets

Sodalite Round Bead Bracelets

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Listing is for ONE (1) Sodalite Round Bead Bracelet - 8mm  STOCKPHOTOS - These bracelets will vary in characteristics due to them being natural. These bracelets will fit most wrists. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS BASED ON AVERAGE SIZE OF ENTIRE STOCK. Beautiful bracelets to use as an accessory or for your meditation time! You can even add your own cute charms. Makes a great gift! Wearing crystals is one of the best ways to work with their Energy. *****Sodalite s a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. It stimulates thought, knowledge, and communication. It is sometimes referred to as the “POET’S STONE”. Known as a stone of truth; it helps to bring truth to all communications both positive and negative. < Throat Chakra > < Brow Chakra > Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome. We have your best interest at heart. We hope that each user has a positive experience with our products.*****

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