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The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation (Spiritual Directories)

The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation (Spiritual Directories)

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How to Use This Book

The Crystal Directory is packed with practical advice and fascinating information about each stone. Not only will you find out about a crystal’s attributes, legendary powers, and holistic benefits, you will also gain insight into the unique energy of each stone and how you can use this to manifest your dreams. This book is easy to use and has been divided up into three sections that will carry you on your journey toward positive manifestation.



Use this first part of the book to get to know the crystal world and to understand more about how crystals can be used for divination and healing as well as for manifesting your dreams. Discover the basics of working with crystals, their connection to our invisible physical energy centers, known as chakras, and the importance of color in our world. There is information on caring for and choosing crystals, plus a fascinating bit of background on the use of these stones through the ages, which gives an insight into why these particular stones have been used for centuries to help us achieve our goals.

Section 2


The Manifestation section explains how to use this way of bringing to life the things you desire or truly seek for the future. It gives you practical exercises for learning how to follow your own pathway to achieve your goals. Each step toward manifesting your desire is explained in detail. Don’t skip any of the steps, or you may just find yourself back at square one. At the end of the section are four example rituals, using grids and symbols for four different goals. You can try these out to connect you to the magic of the crystals and the magic of yourself.

Section 3


The final section, the Crystal Sourcebook, is divided into four parts: Abundance, Success, Love, and Well-Being. This is to enable you to match your chosen desires with a particular theme. Once you know what your intention is

and you have found the relevant crystal section, you can either flick through the pages until you come across a stone that seems to resonate with something deep within you (whether this is because of

its color, name, or description) or choose a crystal with its detailed list of attributes in mind. So, for example, if you are looking for new romance, then the Love section will provide you with the most empowering list of crystals. If you can’t find the exact crystal you want in stores or online, draw on the associated crystals listed in the entry, or other crystals which attract your attention as you look through the category. By befriending and working with these stones, you will be able to draw on their manifesting powers.

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